Bethlahem Bhavan

Bethlehem Bhavan was established to promote well being and offer a better life to brethren who are homeless, abandoned, found wandering in the street or the mentally sick men. It is a HOME FOR THE HOMELESS brethren.

Brief History

This project was launched in 2002 following a felt need to provide rehabilitation services and a safe environment with adequate protection to homeless people who are vagabonds, mentally sick or abandoned. When this idea was shared many generous people welcomed this initiative whole heartedly and came forward to cooperate in this gracious activity. We bought 0.5 acres of land at Kanjirappally near the Cathedral Church, with the cooperation of local people and the Diocese of Kanjirappally. Construction of the building commenced on Christmas Day 2002. We started accommodating inmates from July 16, 2006. The construction was completed by November 11, 2007 with accommodation and facilities for 60 inmates. In November 2012 we started the construction of the first floor of the present house and completed it in November 2013. Now this house can comfortably and safely accommodate and care for 115 brethren. A Psychiatrist and a general Physician attend to the medical needs of the inmates. The institution is run on Divine Providence.  Even the minute need of the house are provided by the Almighty, through the generous people of the society. So far we have provided care and rehabilitation services to 370 brethren  in this house, and currently we have 100 members here. All the present inmates are mentally sick and are under psychiatry treatment and many of them are coming in to a normal way of life.

By the end of 2014 we formed a registered trust named BIRTH (Bethlehem Institute for Rehabilitation Training and healthcare). Now Bethlehem Bhavan has acquired 5 acres of land at Kappadu nearby Kanjirappally and started Bethlehem Rehabilitation Centre (BRC) for the rehabilitation and training of the recovered inmates. Rehabilitation services and training is given in trades such as agriculture, cattle faming, rabbit rearing, paper cover making  etc.


  1. H.E. Mar Jose Pulickal (Patron)
  2. Very.Rev.Fr. Boby Alex Mannamplackal (Managing Trustee)
  3. Rev.Fr. Jins Vathallookunnel (Secretary)
  4. Rev.Fr. Martin Velliyamkulam (Member)
  5. Mr. Dominic Karippaparampil (Member)


Staff Details

Sl. No  






01. Fr.Jins (Antony) Vathallookunnel,Bethlehem bhavan, Kanjirapally, 686507 PDC, BPh, BTh Director/Manager
02. Br. Aby Alappattu

Umikuppa, Erumely

Bsc Regent
02. Mr.P.M.Varkey Parambukattil, Kannimala p.o, 686509  PDC Correspondent
03. Dr.Jerome, Marygiri Hospital, Bharanganam MBBS,MD(pschy) Psychiatrist
04. Dr.Antony A.Thomas, Aerathedam, Palambra p.o, 686518 MBBS, T.C.M.C Medical practitioner
05. Mr.Tom Siby, Nalloor, Vallichira P.O, 686 574 MSW Psychiatric Social worker
06 Mrs. Somy Joseph, Ottaplackal, Erumely, 686509 MSW, Msc Psy Psychiatric Counsellor
07. Miss. Josit Joseph, Madathaniyil, Punchavayal p.o, 686513 M.Com Accountant
08. Mrs. Jithu jinu, Vathallookunnel, Punchavayal p.o, 686513  GNM Nurse
09. Mr.Devasia Kollamparampil, Chotty, Chittady p.o, 686512  PDC Warden
10. Mr.Jishin Varghese, Vathallookunnel, Punchavayal P.O, 686 513 PDC Warden
11. Mrs.Sally Joseph, Kuriyappallil, Thulappally P.O, 686 510  X Cook