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Kerala Catholic Students League (K.C.S.L) is the world’s first catholic student’s organization, with students who witness Christian values through a life of faith, study, service, and teachers who give them good formation.


Lead the students to Christ, joining the Church.


Faith, Study and Service


Adolescence which blooms holiness


  St. Romero

The organization was first formed in 1915 for the Catholic students of St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirapally. On May 13, 1917 it was solemnly inaugurated at Leo XIII High School, Alappuzha by Mar Alexander Choolaparampil, the then Bishop of Kottayam. Incidentally the first apparition of Our Lady took place in Fatima the same day. Until 1961, it was known by different names – ‘Malabar Catholic Students League’ and ‘Malabar Catholic Youth League’.  From 1961, the organization came to be known as K.C.S.L.

The organization took roots in Kanjirapally Diocese soon after its inception. The first KCSL director of the Diocese, Rev. Fr. George Kolathu, laid a strong foundation 1977, for the organization’s growth. Now, KCSL in the Third Millennium of its activities in this Diocese, continues to achieve its goals, adopting new methods, creating new platforms and growing towards Christ.


KCSL tries to put the following objectives into practice.

  • To help the members grow in Jesus Christ through “Faith, Study and Service”, and to follow Gospel values in daily life, to become ideal Christians and integrated Indian citizen;
  • To install faith in God and moral consciousness among student;
  • To help students stand for unity and uphold democratic values;
  • To encourage the student to be committed to religious freedom and communal harmony;
  • To make students responsible to their duties while respecting the interests of society and the nation;
  • To foster values, and train members to develop their talents in socially useful direction.
  • To evolve solid leadership in society, the Church and in the nation.
  • To encourage students to excel in academic and extracurricular activities.
  • To supplement religious training and Bible study in schools through Study Circles, Discussions, Seminar, Camps, Group prayer, etc.
  • To develop social awareness among the students and to train them to respond appropriately to social issues and work against social evils.
  • To encourage commitment and dedication in all walks of life and to foster vocation to priestly and religious life.
  • To uphold the spirit of ahimsa and universal brotherhood, and to make members available to the needy even at the risk of self-sacrifice.



ജീവനിലുണരും നവസംഗീതം
ജയജയ കെ. സി. എസ്. എൽ
അണിയായ് വിജയ പതാകയുമേന്തി
അണയാം ധന്യത പുൽകാം
ക്രിസ്തുവിലെന്നും വളരുക നമ്മൾ
വിശ്വാസ ദീപവുമേന്തി
പഠനം വഴിയായ് വളരാം പാരിൽ
സേവന തത്പരരായ് നാം
നിര നിരയായ് നീങ്ങുക നമ്മൾ
സത്യം നീതി പുലർത്താൻ
ധരണിയിൽ നന്മ വിതയ്ക്കാം നിതരാം
മനുജനു സ്നേഹം പകരാം
ദിവ്യവിഭാതം നമ്മെ വിളിക്കും
നവ്യവസന്തം വിടരും
ജയജയ കർമ്മപഥത്തിൽ
ജയജയ കെ. സി. എസ്. എൽ (3)


  • Student Cenacle – A group of students in each school praying together. Every month they come together and conduct a prayer session of about 20 minutes, under the guidance of the animator. They are also trained to pray spontaneously.
  • Group Meeting –A group working to increase communitarian feeling, to evaluate the eventualities of everyday life and to improve social consciousness. They also discuss the study-activity topic of the month.
  • Study Circle – The Study circle is the brain and nerve of KCSL. It aims to enhance the intellectual, artistic and social skills of all members thereby promoting to Christian perfection. It promotes quality education.
  • Seminars and retreats are conducted in the school level and retreats and camps in the diocesan level. Leadership camps are being conducted for the leaders of the group.
  • KCSL Sahithyoslsavamand Kalolsavam –A platform for the students to present their creative and artistic talents, rather than finding a winner, KCSL aims to bring our children to the forefront and to think with the church, and thus forming the brave future leaders of the church. Some of the items are devotional solo, mono-act, elocution, storytelling, Margamkali, Parichamuttu, Chavittunadakam, Study circle.
  • KCSL Tree, Bible worksheet, Nanmakalari, Study Orientation camps, Seminar for students studying in Non-Catholic schools, KCSL Publications, Annual Meet, Teachers Training programmes, speech training, Vocation encouragement, Audio-visual programmes, Students Manual, Moral classes for Non-Catholic students, Leadership Training programmes and Teachers Quiz are some of the other programmes conducted by KCSL of Kanjirapally diocese.



Director:                   Fr. Joseph Pannalakunnel        9447499409

President:                  Sojan Antony Palakudiyil       9961675868                Elikulam

Organizer:                 Ajax Johnson Paracattu          9400234199                Kollamula

Vice President:         Sr. Silvy Jacob S.H                 9497822142                Mlamala

State Organizer:        Cyriac Mathew                       9946637680                Vellaramkunnu

State Vice President: Joseph Mathew Pathipallil     9446205587                Kanjirapally

(Chev. P.T Thomas Award Winner of 2019)