Latest Events

SMYM KANJIRAPALLY conducted  Marian pilgrimage to Akkarapally.

The youth of Kanjirapally Diocese conducted Marian Pilgrimage to Kanjirapally- Akkarapally Church in the midst of eight days fast associated with Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary. The rosary rally started from the Cathedral Church and reached Akkarapally through Kanjirapally town. It was a faithful experience for the youth even in the adverse conditions of the rain. All the diocesan executives participated in the pilgrimage. In addition, the executives of SMYM Erumely Forane,Velichiyani Forane, Mundakkayam Forane and Rani-Pathanamthitta forane also conducted  the Marian pilgrimage at various times. Fr. Varghese Kochupurackal, Fr. Thomas Kanjirakattu, Fr Abin Kunnath, Adarsh Kurian, Thomas Kathilankal, Sr. Rani Maria, Bro. Jitto Akkattu, diocesan and forane executives etc., led the program.


A webinar was organized on August 1 under the name ‘ENLIGHT’ for higher secondary students to introduce further study courses and to select courses according to their tastes. There were about 150 students participated in the program.

ELROI 2021

ELROI 2021 is a program with the aim of bringing back the youth to the church in this covid era. The program has received a good response in Ponkunnam Forane in the last few days. ELROI 2021 will be conducted under the direct leadership of the Diocesan executives  and the Forane executives. ELROI has already trained an excellent resource team to take classes.
ELROI has conducted in six parishes so far.


SMYM Diocese of Kanjirapally cleaned  Kanjirapally Civil Station on Independence Day in view of ​​protecting public property

Kanjirapally Sixth Ward Member Biju Pathiyala inaugurated the function. Kanjirapally MLA and Chief Whip Dr. N Jayaraj greeted and joined the program. SMYM Director Rev. Fr. Varghese Kochupurackal , Sr. Rani Maria SABS, Regent Brother Jitto Akkattu , Josmy Kochukarottu, Thomachan Kathilangal, Sneha, Rintu Maria Scaria, Geo Tijo, Anjana Philip, Alan C Thomas, Joby James, Jain Mathew, Daniya Babu, Romit Roy and Abi Mathew participated in the program.
A webinar named ‘BE A NURSE’ was conducted for those who wish to study nursing on June 13. ProfThomas Varghese ( HOD Psychiatric Nursing, Little Flower College of Nursing, Angamaly) led the class. There were about 300 students participated in the program.
SMYM KANJIRAPALLY announced Valiant Awards.This is awarded to those who immensely contribute to the church and the society. Adv. Justin Pallivathukkal and Sri Amal Cyriac Jose were qualified for the award for their contributions in fighting for the minority rights. Adv. Justin Pallivathukkal could prove the court about the problems in distribution of minority scholarships in 80:20 proportion. Amal Cyriac Jose undertook necessary works through data collection and further studies for this. The award consists of Rs 10,001 and testimonial.
SMYM Kanjirapally contributes to Chellanam for a second time

The second load of 3000 packets of bread and milk were distributed from SMYM Kanjirapally to the residents of Chellanam as a part of Save Chellanam program. Mundakkayam Forane Vicar Rev. Fr Jose Mathew Parapallil flagged off the mission. SMYM Diocesan director Fr Varghese Kochupurackal, General Secretary Thomachan Kathilankal, Treasurer Geo and Bro. Jitto Akkattu led the program

Kanjirapally SMYM provided assistance to Chellanam
Kanjirapally SMYM distributed food items to the residents of chellanam who were affected by recent natural calamity.They collected a total of Rs 3,42,351 for the chellanam mission.The first load of 6,000 packets of milk and 4,500 packets of bread left Kanjirapally following the urgent announcement that food was the current need for the people of Chellanam who have been affected by the recent heavy rains and floods. Kanjirapally Bishop Mar Jose Pulickal spoke appreciatively of this care of the youth. SMYM Diocesian president Adarsh ​​Kurian flagged off the mission. Vicar General Rev. Fr. Joseph Vellamattom, Vicar General Rev. Fr. Bobby Alex Mannamplackal, SMYM Diocesan director Fr. Varghese Kochupurackal, General Secretary Thomachan Kathilankal, Animator Sr Rani Maria, Councillor Ann Mariya, Erumely SMYM Forane President Varghese, Former Diocesan President Jomon Podippara, and  Bro. Jitto Akkattu were present in the flag off ceremony.
The youth visited 9 parishes under the dioceses of Kochi and Alappuzha. The youths of Kanjirapally SMYM distributed food items to St Xaviers Church Xavierdesh, St Sebastian’s Church Chellanam, St Xavier’s Church Kandakkadavu, Little Flower Church Maruvakkad, St Antony’s Church Kannamally, St Joseph’s Church Cheriyakadavod, Christuraj Church Kannamally, St Francis Church Kattiparamb and Lady of the Church Saude. Fr. Augustine, Director of Social Service Department of Kochi Diocese, Fr. Samson, Diocese of Alappuzha, Fr. Judo, KCYM Presidents of both diocese – Emmanuel and Jose, and the parish vicars guided the distribution.
Funeral services were conducted in various parishes under the leadership of COVID TASK FORCE of Kanjirapally Diocese SMYM. Youth is the strength of the church and the community who come forward with courage when everyone is standing in front of Covid. A very strong youth force is ready for the Covid Task Force in many parishes of the diocese. Thirty funerals have been held so far under the auspices of the SMYM COVID TASK FORCE.

Saphalam :The First House is Completed

Erumeli: In the year of St. Joseph,  with the help of Malanadu Development  Society, SMYM Kanjirapally completed the construction  of first house under Saphalam project. The first house was completed in Erumeli Assumption Forane Parish. The foundation stone of this house, which was laid on March 19, 2021, was blessed by Mar Jose Pulickal on 1st May 2021. The house was built at a cost of six lakhs funded mainly by Malanadu Development Society and rest by Erumely Assumption Youth Movement, Franciscan, Clarist Sisters Congregation. The construction work was completed in 42 days where Mathews Arackal freely offered the land. Forane Vicar Fr. Sebastian Kollamkunnel, Assistant Vicar Fr. Tijo Kochutharayil, Mathew Kadasheri, Saji Thakadiel and Mathews Arackel administered the work. The works carried out jointly by the SMYM Diocesan Unit, SMYM Forane Unit, and Erumely AYM accelerated the construction work. There are about 15 houses are currently under construction as part of Saphalam Project.

Online Entrance Crash Course

 SMYM Kanjirapally Diocese is preparing an excellent entrance crash course for Plus One,  Plus Two students to prepare for the  KEAM, JEE, NEET Entrance Examinations. Of the 80-hour course, 66 hours are devoted to the major subjects such as Maths,  Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The course also includes career guidance classes with expert trainers talking about how to prepare for entrance exams. Videos detailing each subjects and live sections discussing previous year question papers will make this training program more better. We have also introduced assistance for those who join the training program to register for the entrance exams. The first batch of the course, which will be conducted in two batches, will start on May 4, 2021. Registration for this batch will be completed before May 3. The training of the second batch will start on June 10, 2021 and the registration of the second batch will end on June 9.

Blood donation  before vaccination:

SMYM Kanjirapally acts as a model

The youths donated blood to blood banks as a part of blood collection before the starting of Covid vaccination for above the age of 18. The first phase of this blood donation was accomplished by Rijomon Paul, Sebin Chacko, Josekutty Joseph, Joel Jacob, Sradha Baby and
Baby Thomas at Mary Queens Hospital, Kanjirapally. More youths will donate in the following days in different hospitals. SMYM Diocesan President Adarsh Kurian, General Secretary Thomachan Kaithilankal, Kanjirapally Forane Treasurer Alen Kallarackal led the program.



Koinonia 2021

SMYM Leadership Training Camp, ‘ KOINONIA 2021‘ was successfully held at Marian College Kuttikanam on 13th April 5.00 PM to 14th April 6.00 am.Fr. Binny Kaiyaniyil, Fr. Varghese Kochupurackal and Bro. Jitto Akkattu led an informative and fun-filled session for a gathering of about 100 executives from different foranes of the diocese. KOINONIA 2021 was indeed a motivating, entertaining and innovative session for the newly elected leaders so that they may be able to  lead the youth in their respective foranes and parishes with vigilance,  enthusiasm and passion.

SMYM Kanjirapally Diocese pays tribute to three youths who rescued the life of an Election Officer from the accident.
Three youths of the diocese rescued an election officer who was trapped between the steering wheel and the seat of the car that went out of control and crashed in towards the front of a shop. Former student police cadets Nijin, Tony, and Tomsi  on their way back from election duty became saviour to the officer. They saw a car rushed in and crashing towards a shop.The officer was trapped between the steering wheel and the seat. They rescued him by opening the backdoor and pulling the driver’s seat back. They carried him to the hospital on their bikes as no other means of transportation was available there when the incident took place. Nijin is the son of Kandathil Sijo and Sindhu. Joy and Dolly of Parapally House are the proud parents of twin brothers Tony and Tomsey.
             Mar Jose Pulickal, Bishop of Kanjirapally Diocese, honoured these youths for their vigilant and needful act of saving a life. Mar Jose Pulickal said that their responsive initiative represents the works of good samaritan. Vicar General Rev. Fr. Boby Mannamplackal, SMYM Director Fr. Varghese Kochupurackal, SMYM Diocesan President Adarsh Kurian, General Secretary Thomachan Kathilankal, Animator Sr. Rani Maria were also present during the honorary function of the valiant youths.
The first gathering of parents and youth,  ‘FAMILIA GRACE FEST’,organized by SMYM Kanjirapally diocese was held on Sunday, March 14 at St Joseph’s Church Koovapally and  on March 19 Friday at St Mary’s Church Podimattom,  with the motto, “Youth worthy of a gracious home”. Ms. Nisha Jose addressed the gathering regarding how parents need to be extra cautious while bringing up the Youth.
Einheit 2021 was conducted successfully  on Saturday,  3rd April 2021, in 65 parishes of Kanjirapally diocese.  It reinforced unity and co- operation within youth in their respective parishes.
A program initiated by SMYM Kanjirapally Diocese with the aim of strengthening the association between the parishes and fostering  the life of faith amidst the youth.
PASSIO 2021 was conducted on two levels, Forane level and Diocesan level. At the Forane level, the Forane executives led the Way of the Cross in parishes.  At the diocesan level,  the youth led and participated in Way of the Cross to Murinjapuzha Kurisumala with devotion and enthusiasm