Angels’ Village

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Angels’ Village is an integral project quite unique in its concepts to care for the differently abled and to give them education, training and rehabilitation opportunities so that they can lead as meaningful a life as their ability will provide. Angels’ Village attempts to understand and nurture the diversity of the person and offer opportunities for integrating the differently abled into the mainstream of society wherein they will feel capable, loved and wanted. Through this project, we aspire to eliminate as much as possible the problems of livelihood for the differently abled. We believe that differently abled does not mean unable. We promote their dignity of life and express that they have a right to life as much as any other citizen and also that society has the responsibility to provide every opportunity to life, freedom and justice promised to each citizen of the nation. So that the differently abled is given the best opportunities to be a useful citizen of the nation – a viable contributor to nation building. Here, our child will be surrounded by loving and caring professionals providing gentle support for their progress.