Sahyadri Credit Society

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Sahyadri Co-operative Credit Society Limited (SCCS) is an entity Registered as a Multi-State Co-operative Society by the Central Registrar of Co-operatives, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India New Delhi. The Society has its genesis from the vision of its Chairman Mar Mathew Arackal, Bishop of Kanjirapally who had close contacts with aboriginal people of Idukki District while he served in those areas. He had first hand information about the hardships experienced by the aboriginals and small farmers in eking out a livelihood. The strong urge in him to help and empower these aboriginals and downtrodden saw the birth of Peermade Development Society in 1977.

SCCS which commenced operation in 2004 is an initiative of the Catholic Diocese of Kanjirapally for the upliftment of the marginalized, rural small scale farmers and entrepreneurs.

Although Commercial Banks and other institutions were lending money to the rural farmers and entrepreneurs, their requirements were not fully met and so they were forced to approach moneylenders. The unscrupulous moneylenders charged exorbitant rate of interest and literally exploited the borrowers.

Sahyadri Co-operative Credit Society was formed with the main objective of constituting a ‘Single Window’ agency to assist the vulnerable rural folks and to empower the poor and marginal farmers.

Apart from its role as a provider of credit, the Society is placed in a situation where it could play both proactive and supportive role to make life of small farmers more stable.

The area of operation covers the entire state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.