Pastoral Animation

The Department of Pastoral Animation is engaged in guiding and animating the priests and laity of this eparchy and gives formation and guidelines in their spiritual journey of their daily life. This department organizes programmes in three levels: for the priests, religious and lay faithful.

Priests and Religious

The priests of the Eparchy of Kanjirapally are zealous priests who have strong bonds of unity and co-operation among them. We organize many activities and programme to ensure unity and sturdy missionary zeal, to keep a healthy relationship among the priests and with the hierarchy and faithful.  We organize priests conferences, Forane conferences and Batch meet-ups. For effective communication among the priests we have published a programme diary with address and contact details of our priests. Further we conduct on-going formation to all the batches of priests to update them in their ministry.

We organize formation programme for religious priests and sisters working in our Eparchy to ensure effective implementation of our pastoral programmes.

Lay Faithful: Small Christian Communities ( Kudumbakootyama)

The Liturgical faith formation of our faithful is a main goal of our department. We organize many groups of Small Christian Communities (SCCs) and give formation to their leaders, Trustees, Accountants.etc. Those communities are encouraged to pray with the Church through the Liturgy of the Hours of the Syro-Malabar Church. These SCCs are a means to live the Christian faith communally and individually. Moreover these units work as an agent of Interreligious Dialogue at the local level. One of the main characteristic of this interreligious dialogue is its localized and realistic living interreligious dialogue and mutual collaboration of various religious sects. Further, the department of Pastoral Animation directs and organizes various programs in connection with the themes of every year, declared for special purposes of spiritual renewal and reconciliation, for different groups such as parents, children, youth etc. We conduct an Eparchial level 3-days Bible Convention every year.

Each year, the department of Pastoral Animation publishes a liturgical calendar and distributes it among the Catholic families of our Eparchy. It helps them to lead a spiritual life centered on Liturgy and to live according to the spirit of each liturgical season.

Tithe Program

Since 2003 we have initiated the practice of Tithing in all the parishes of our Eparchy. The name given to Tithe Program is Jeevan in Malayalam meaning ‘to have life.’ The main characteristic of Jeevan Tithe program is that the entire amount collected as tithe from the faithful and institutions of the eparchy is fully utilized for charity. Today it has turned into an inspirational movement in which everybody enthusiastically joins every year. A major portion of the tithe is returned to the parishes to distribute it among the needy and the marginalized. A small portion is given to the Pastoral departments for their pastoral activities and to deal with the emergency needs of the people who approach the bishop directly. It is distributed among the needy and the marginalized irrespective of religion, caste or creed. The Fund is distributed as follows: 67% to parishes for their charitable works and 15% to Pastoral departments for pastoral activities. The rest is given to people as medical emergency relief fund by the bishop.  Tithing is one of the best ways of witnessing Jesus Christ among the needy.

Director: Rev. Fr. Stanly Pullolickal   9496033110

Secretary: Rev. Sr Celin FCC- 9645674443

Smt. JessyJoseph, Choolackaparampil -9495265040

Sri. Bins Abraham, Koikkal- 9846803036